Drone Racers Sports Club Association

Drone Racers Sports Club Association (DYD) was established in March 2017 with the aim of growing and disciplining the sport, developing  respect and representing Turkey in professional competitions organized domestically and abroad by training professional pilots. The Club also takes part in “Turkish Aerial Sports Federation” which is a goverment organization, formed also in 2017.


The Club organized “Turkey Drone Championship” with the support of The Federation in 2017 and took a big step in promoting UAV Races as a sport in Turkey. We are pleased to see the increase in the number of clubs and drone racing championships in Turkey in 2018. Our club is the first and has the biggest number of competing pilots in Turkey at the moment and with the support of our sponsors, we are proud to announce that, the “World Drone Cup” organization will be held on 20-23 September 2018, at the New  Istanbul Airport , within “The Techno Fest”