Applications for Real Estate Drones

Have you ever wondered where the aerial view photos of your favorite listed houses come from?  It’s not from a helicopter or a bird with a camera attached to it.  Most of the time these photos actually come from a drone, like the ones that you use for everyday recreational purposes. Drones can be used for taking photos of residential real estate and commercial real estate as well as help with real estate marketing.


Reasons for Real Estate Drones

Real estate agents have been using drones for taking aerial views to up their marketing game and impress buyers.  To a real estate agent drones are the new best methods for getting their houses sold.  The more flattering angles of the house they can show the better. Basically, drone photos are a method give their property listing an advantage over the other property listings.


Importance for Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

Is it important for realtors to use drones for selling real estate? Competition is a big part of selling real estate.  If all the houses on a block were listed the same but one was listed with an aerial view of the whole property, based on visuals which listing would have the advantage??  For real estate agents, there is always a need to market better than their competitors. Drone photos and videos can give them an edge.


Residential Real Estate Drone Usage

Real estate agents not only use the drones for aerial view photography, they also use them for house walkthroughs and showing the surrounding area of a home in relation to significant landmarks.  For example, if you are thinking about buying a house near the city, wouldn’t you want to know where your lot sits compared to other lots and houses in the neighborhood or the proximity of lakes or streams?


Commercial Real Estate Drone Usage

Drones could also be used for commercial property listings.  If you wanted to buy an office space in a city wouldn’t you want to know where it is in relation to other buildings and or landmarks of that city?  For example, how close is your building going to be in relation to surrounding parking decks. You don’t want your customers to walk miles to get to your business.  Drones would be a great way to show business owners the properties they want to buy.


Drones for Real Estate Marketing

Drones are a great tool for real estate marketing in that they can make a property listing look more appealing because of the perspective that a home buyer is looking at.  They also give more ways of looking at a property that no one has ever thought of before.


However, this is not the only application for drone usage that people have come up with.  You never know what might happen to this world.  Maybe one day drones will be used to pollinate the Earth or help with building construction.  Stay tuned for more ways on how drones could be used in future posts.


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